About Me

I am a computational complexity theorist and a postdoc at University of Liverpool, working with Christian Ikenmeyer. In complexity theory, my work till date has been in Algebraic Complexity Theory, which can be described as a study of polynomials and problems on polynomials. I am interested in learning more about Geometric Complexity Theory which uses the study of symmetries of polynomials to solve the major questions in Algebraic Complexity Theory.

I completed my PhD in July 2020 from IIT Madras. My thesis majorly concerns polynomials whose degree is restricted to a small quantity (parameterized polynomials) and this work was supervised by B. V. Raghavendra Rao. In IITM, I was a part of the vibrant Algorithms and Complexity Theory group there. Find my resume here and my Twitter.

Email me : Purnata[dot]Ghosal[at]liverpool.ac.uk or purnatag[at]gmail.com

If you are curious as to what I do when I am not thinking about sciencey stuff, please head to my page on my hobbies.

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Here are links to my DBLP and Google Scholar pages. Following is a hard-coded list of my publications.